Ultra-softlightweight thermal long john underwear set with cool contrast stitching. Perfect combination of warmth and breathability - waffle weave that is cozycolorful and comfortable. We use top-qualitylocally-knittedAmerican-made fabric that washes well and is long-lasting. Great for lounging and layering!

Why pay a little more for these thermals Simplebecause these are QUALITY items made with the highest-quality materialshighest-quality stitchingsafecomfortableand made in the USA. Trust usyour child will LOVE them and we they will ask to wear them over and over again. They are perfect for sensitive skins because they contain no harsh chemicals and are made with super-soft cotton. There is no substitute for giving your kids comfortablesafeand good-quality clothes. It may even save you money because these items will last long and be worn a lot!

  • SAFE - made with safe dyes and no harsh chemicals
  • COMFORTABLE - combines super-soft cotton perfect for sensitive skinsand polyester to give it stretchyness.
  • DURABLE - no cheap materials in here! They are made to last because your kids will want to wear them over and over
  • MADE IN THE USA - proudly keeping jobs local

The celebrity baby boom has inspired modern moms to look for the hottest new trends in baby clothesand you cant ask for better press than City Threads. When your name has been associated with the tiny tots of celebrities like Ashlee Simpson WentzChristina AguileraLiev SchrieberHeidi KlumSandra Bullocketc. the clothes are an easier sell. Add to the celebrity appeal the fact that the apparel is made in the U.S.A.and youve got a goldmine!

100% Cotton
Made in the USA! Quality you can trust and proudly keeping jobs local
High-quality thermal underwear with hip contrast stitching
Great for lounging and layering!
Wear as an insulating base layer to stay extra warm throughout the cold winter months
Made with safe dyes and no harsh chemicals
Top-qualitylocally-knittedAmerican-made fabric that washes well and is long-lasting

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City Threads Boys and Girls Thermal Underwear Base Layer Long John Set Soft 100% Cotton Made in USA Sets Navy pHSof2kb1

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